In 1996, Suez Canal Authority established Maritime Training and Simulation Center for the purpose of training for Suez ​Canal pilots on the safe handling of ships in different navigational situations. The Center adopted the most advanced training methods at the time and was one of the most highly specialized centers in the Middle East.

Starting from 2012, as maritime simulation technologies evolve, Suez Canal Authority expanded the training capabilities of the Maritime Training and Simulation Center to form a Simulation Complex containing:

  • ​DNV Class A Full Mission Bridge Simulator with 360⁰ field of view
  • ​Two Class B Tug Bridge Simulator with 120⁰ field of view
  • ECDIS Simulator
  • GMDSS Simulator
  • Oil Spill Response Simulator​

Navigational Simulation : 

​​In 2012, DNV Class-A Full Mission Bridge Simulator with 360⁰ field of view was installed and equipped with the most advanced navigational facilities and it is considered unique of its kind in the region.​

​Features :

  • Full-mission, DNV-approved, Class-A Ship Handling Simulator.
  • The possibility of making three separate and interacted maneuvers simultaneously.
  • The possibility of operating more than one type of propulsion in each bridge.
  • Training in the open sea, coastal and restricted waterways.
  • High quality and realistic visualization of Suez Canal.
  • Support of various ship models including containers, bulk carriers, car carriers, VLCCs, LNGs, and more.​

Control Room
DNV Class A - F​ull Mission Bridge Simulator

DNV Certificate for NTPro Simulator

Tug Simulation :

The Full Mission Bridge Simulator is integrated with two DNV Class-B Tug Simulators with 120⁰ field of view.

The simulator is configured to include two bridges for tugs of VSP, ASD and Conventional twin screw type including real ship like HW controls. Both tug bridges are equipped with a simulated towing winch and its necessary control, monitor and alarm. Both tug controls shall be realistic controls similar to the actual tug operational systems.

The simulator provides the capability to train personnel on how to tow ships, failure, and damaged ships, rigs, etc. Also, operating the tug boats in escorting direct and indirect modes, towing, floating of grounded vessels.​​

Tug Simulator with ASD Controls 
Tug Simulator with VSP Controls

The simulator is also able to prepare and execute a detailed passage plan including berthing and using of anchors, mooring lines and up to eight (8) tugboats.

Pushing Operation
Towing Operation

Oil Spill Response Simulation :​

The Oil Spill Response simulator enables crew training in vessel and equipment handling during oil spill response operations. This includes joint training of various parties involved in oil spill response operation, resource management training, and resource cost calculation.

The Transas oil spill response training solution consists of two parts which may be used simultaneously or independently:

  • Oil spill functionality of the NTPRO 5000 navigational simulator;
  • PISCES II resource management simulator.​​

​Our Services :

​Training of Suez Canal Pilots :

Training SCA Pilots on special manoe​​uvers for transiting the Canal safely at different ship's tonnages and draughts up to 66 feet for the time being.

Training the Pilots to enable them controlling the vessel in various conditions especially bad visibility and different environmental conditions.

Training for ship masters :
The simulation center holds special courses "Safe Handling of Ships in Suez Canal" for ships masters who transit the canal frequently to familiarize them with the channel characteristics and pilotage for good understanding and cooperation between pilots and masters for safe passage, these courses are provided by experienced instructor chief pilots from different sections specialized in handling huge and deep draught ship.

​​​Analysis of Accidents :

Analyz​​​ing any accident in the Canal to find out the causes and the proper avoidance in future by the aid of ship’s parameters curves recorded during a simulation session.

Studying the salvage procedures required in case of accident​s inside the channel.


Simulation of New Databases for Waterways and ​​Ports:
Suez Canal Simulation Complex has the full technical capabilities to design and simulate new databases for waterways and ports.​​

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