A Republican Decree 

Law No. 30 of 1975 

The Organization of  the Suez Canal Authority

In the Na​​me of the People, the President of the Republic, 
The People’s Assembly passes the following law and we in our capacity shall promulgate it:

Articl​​​e 1:

The Suez Canal Authority shall manage, use, maintain and improve the Suez Canal utility itself as found when the Law No. 285 of 1956, nationalizing The Universal Company of the Suez Maritime Canal, was issued. The SCA may, when needed, establish, encourage or take part in establishing projects that are related to the Canal.

Article 2:

T​​​he Suez Canal Authority (SCA) is a public authority enjoying an independent juristic personality under the provisions of this law alone; whereas provisions of the Law No. 61 of 1963 promulgating the law for public authorities, and provisions of the Law 60 of 1970 promulgating the law for public institutions, are both not applicable to the SCA.​

Article 3:

The SCA shall have a Board of Directors .The Chairman, and members of the Board shall be sanctioned by a decree of the President of the Republic stipulating their appointment, dismissal, salaries and remuneration .The appointment and dismissal of the managing directors and the General Manager and their salaries and remunerations shall be sanctioned by a decree of the President of the Republic.

Article 4:

The SCA shall follow the suitable administrative methods that are in compliance with the commercial principles without bending itself to the governmental system and structure.

Article 5:

The SCA shall have an independent budget whose preparation shall be in accordance with the commercial principles with no prejudice to the control of the Audit State Department over the balance sheet. The budget shall commence on July 1st and end on June 30th of every year.

Article 6:

The SCA, by itself and by no one else, shall issue and keep in force the rules of navigation in the Canal and other rules and regulations that provide for a well and orderly run canal.

Article 7:
The SCA shall manage the Port of Port Said as an integrated part of the Suez Canal and shall supervise all its maritime activities.

Article 8:

The SCA shall The SCA shall impose and levy tolls on navigation and transit through the Canal, and on pilotage, towage, berthing and other similar actions according to the laws and regulations.

Article 9:

The SCA, for fulfilling its duties and obligations shall have all the relevant authorities and in particular the authority to own, possess land and real estates as well as the authority to expropriate land and real estate for the public interest. The SCA may rent out its land or real estates and it may hire others’ land or real estate as well for achieving purposes set forth for the Canal, for the welfare of its employees and staff and for establishing projects and utilities related to the Canal that provide for a well performance of the Canal such as water stations and power plants….etc.

Article 10:

The money of the SCA shall be considered private money.

Article 11:

To enable the SCA fulfill its obligations and secure a well and controlled performance of the Canal, the SCA shall be exempted from procedures called for by laws and regulations on customs and from licenses stipulated therein as well.

Article 12:

All systems, financial, administrative and accounting rules, which are not in prejudice to the provisions of this law, shall remain valid and in force until a decision on their amendment, cancellation or replacement is made.

Article 13:

The SCA Board of Directors or its delegates, until regulations on staffing and personnel are issued, shall have and use all authorities needed to recruit and select technical and administrative applicants and decide about their seniority and salary as well as assign them to the different departments and offices.

Article 14:

The SCA shall not take any procedure that go against the provisions of the Constantinople Convention of 1888 concerning the free navigation of the Suez Maritime Canal nor shall it give any privilege to a vessel or normal / legal person that is not given, in the same circumstances, to other vessels or normal / legal persons and nor shall it discriminate against some clients in favor of some other clients.

Article 15:

This law shall not affect the rights or the obligations of the Arab Republic of Egypt arisen by the issuance of Constantinople Convention on 29 October 1888.  

Article 16:

Law No 146 of 1957 on the organization of the Suez Canal Authority shall be canceled.

Article 17:

This decree shall be published in the Official Gazette, and will have the force of law from the day it is published. 
This decree shall bear the seal of the State and be executed as one of its laws

Done at Presidency of the Republic 
29 th . Of May, 1975