The building is located at a near distance from the Sailing Club in Gomrouk ST. characterized by its French architecture, and covered with red tiles, the two-story building overlooking the Suez Canal which dates back to post-digging, was a premises where Mr. Jules Guichard administered navigation traffic of the Canal in1869.

The gallery exhibits printed works of art that depict the history of Suez Canal from the time when the Canal was dug up to the present time.

 The works of art include photos, Scale models (Maquettes), some collections, and ancient documentary film.

  Ground floor

It comprises of three halls: Visual Display Hall with a capacity of 40 seats, "Canal Digging Hall", and "Inauguration Hall". The main entrance leads to the front park and backyard. In the park, There are the atelier, the technical office, and the security office.

First floor

It comprises of three halls:  "Nationalization Hall", "Development Hall", and "Collections Hall".

Sound and Light System

Each hall of the gallery is equipped with sound and light system that shed light on the paintings in synchronization with spoken recorded voice; elaborating the story of each painting. Such system makes it easier for visually-impaired and disabled visitors to know about the history of the Suez Canal.

Working hours

Every day from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, with Friday and Saturday (weekly holidays) .

Charge: Free

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