Law No.4 of 1998 

Amending sonic provisions of Law No.30 of 1975 

On the Organization of the Suez Canal Authority

In the Name of the People, the President of the Republic, 
The People’s Assembly passes the following law and we in our capacity shall promulgate it:

Article I:

New paragraphs shall be added to Article 2 and article 3 of Law no. 30 of 1975 on the Organization of the Suez Canal Authority as follows: 
Article 2: (new paragraph) - «The Suez Canal Authority shall report to the Prime Minister« 
Article 3: (new paragraph) – « Decisions of the SCA Board of Directors shall be reported to the Prime Minister for approval. They shall be deemed effective when approved by the Prime Minister or when no objection is raised within 15 days of reporting them. «

Article II:

The phrase that reads: « as well as the authority to expropriate land and real estate for the public interest « shall be omitted from Article 9 of the said Law No. 30 of 1975.

Article III:

This law shall be published in the Official Gazette, and shall have the force of law the next day it is published. It shall bear the seal of the state and be in force as one of its laws. 

Done at the Presidency of t​he Republic on the 21st of Ramadan 1418H, corresponding to the 19th January, 1998 AD.​