​​​The Suez Canal’s role is not confined to servicing the world trade. It goes beyond that to serve the Canal Zone community (Port Said, Ismailia , and Suez ) as well as other governorates of Egypt .​

1- Enviroment Protection 

  • Cleaning and clearing Lake Timsah in Ismailia (costs amounted to LE 50m).
  • Control and removal of oil spill in the Canal waters and approaches.
  • Beautification, landscaping and tree planting of the Canal cities.


2- Service rendered to the society 

  • Linking Sinai Peninsula with the Nile Valley through: 
    • 36 ferry boats alongside the Canal at 14 axes (locations). 
    • Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel
  • Establishing the Nile Shipyard, in Armant ,Qena governorate, for repairing and overhauling cruise ships. The Shipyard contributes to the development of Upper Egypt and provides work opportunities to the youth.
  • Construction and widening of land roads adjacent to the Canal.
  • Silk production in a farm at Serabium, where treated sanitary waste water is used to irrigate indoor plants and raspberry trees-on which silk worm are bred. A study to plant sisals at the farm, for producing fiber, is under way.
  • Managing and operating sweet water stations in the Canal cities, with 1 million m 3 /day total capacity. Their water distribution networks extend to 1920 km.


​​​3- Privilages and benefits offered to the SCA​'s​ Personnel


  • Housing: 
12000 housing units are provided.
  • Medical care: 
    • Central Hospital in Ismailia with 250 bed capacity. 
    • Emergency Hospital in Port -Fouad with 40 bed capacity. 
    • Emergency Hospital in Port -Tawfiq with 15 bed capacity.
  • Education: 
The SCA runs, operates, and maintains 4 private and language schools of all the educational stages. The schools accommodate 4800 students.
  • Sports, cultural, and recreational services: 
The SCA owns a big number of clubs and recreational centers in the Canal cities (SCA stadium, Golf club, the SCA Olympic Swimming Pool, Tennis Club, social club, Osrah Club, other summer vacation resorts in Ismailia , Alexandria , Mersa Martouh and PortSaid).