A safe Maritime shipping artery and a sustainable industrial base.​​ 


    Maintaining the safe and sustainable flow of global trade through the Suez Canal by providing an integrated umbrella of technological solutions, logistics services, marine activities and value -added industries supported by a base of accumulated human experience for more than 150 years 

  2030 Strategy Pillars :

  • Waterway Development .
  • Marine Fleet Modernization .
  • Asset Value Maximization.
  • Revenue Streams Diversification .
  • Sustainability & Environment Preservation . ​​    

  Strategic Objectives :

  • Maximizing the Suez Canal Authority's revenues contributing to bolstering the national economy.
  • Sustainable development of the SCA's capabilities ensuring the stability of global supply chains as well as keeping abreast with all the developments in the global maritime shipping industry.
  • Enhancing the capability of the SCA to handle all the global economic changes with agility in order to preserve the clients' interests.
  • Developing practices to manage the navigational operations according to the cutting edge digital transformation technologies. 
  • Diversifying the businesses and services provided through collaborating with major global economic entities to localize the advanced industries.
  • Activating a regulatory framework consolidating the concepts of governance and transparency in accordance with Egypt's vision of sustainable development 2030. ​​  
  • Empowering youth and promoting the values of loyalty, belonging, and innovation.
  • Committing to the SCA's social role through innovative initiatives to preserve the environment and serve the society.  

Corporate Values :  

  • Sustainability.
  • Customer Centric. 
  • Agility.