Admiral Rabiee: “The Suez Canal Authority deploys the salvage team and three tugs to deal with the incident of a General cargo vessel’s engine failure during its transit through the Canal"

25 May 2023
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The vessel is being towed by three tugs to Suez Anchorage Area


Admiral Ossama Rabiee, the chairman of the Suez Canal Authority has announced today that the salvage works handled successfully and in a professional manner the incident of engine failure of the general cargo vessel "XIN HAI TONG 23" during its transit through the Canal among northbound convoy amid its journey from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Egypt.

 The vessel is now being towed to the Suez Anchorage Area assisted by three tugs.

The vessel sailing under the Hong Kong flag stands at 190-meter overall length, 32-meter beam, and a tonnage of 34 thousand tons.

SCA chairman highlighted that once the Central Navigation Control Center received the notice of the vessel's engine failure and anchor dropping at Km 157 Canal marking, three tugs were deployed on the spot along with the salvage team to tow the vessel; the three tugs were "Ezzat Adel of 160 tons' bollard pull capacity" and the other two tugs "Suez 1" and "Suez 2" each of 75 tons' bollard pull capacity to start connecting the towline to the vessel, however; the vessel's anchorage winch broke down causing the incapability of lifting the anchor, therefore hindering the towline connecting process. Once the winch was repaired, the anchor was lifted, the towlines were connected successfully, and the vessel was towed successfully.

Admiral Rabiee conveys an assurance message that the navigation was resumed normally in both directions once the vessel was towed as a precautionary measure aimed at ensuring the safety of navigation.

Admiral Rabiee confirmed that SCA has all necessary salvage expertise as well as the needed navigational and technical safety potentials to deal with any potential emergency in a professional manner. 



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