Admiral Osama Rabie witnesses the launching of the Middle East’s and SCA’s largest Dredger

15 May 2020
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Suez Canal Authority Chairman, Admiral Osama Rabie, witnessed today, Friday May 15, via video conference the launching of the dredger "Mohab Mamish" at the Dutch Royal IHC shipyard, the world's largest shipyard specialized in building dredgers. The video conference launching was attended by Eng. Salah Eldein Gouda Abo Mosallam, Director of the SCA's Procurement Dept., and Eng. Sayed A. Askar, Director of the SCA's Dredging Dept. From the launching site Mr. Tom Van Heijningen, the Project Manager at Royal IHC, and Eng. Ahmed Farouk Ibrahim, Head of the Committee responsible for supervising the building of the dredger from the SCA.

During the launching, the dredger was transferred from the floating dry dock at the Dutch shipyard to the water. Thus, resuming the installation of equipment onboard the vessel, to be followed by quay wall and sea trials in the Netherlands.

This comes in fulfilment of the directives of President Abdelfattah El-Sisi to maximize the SCA's assets as well as develop and modernize its fleet of dredgers and marine units as per its 2023 strategy.

Admiral Rabie said that two new dredgers contracted to be built with Royal IHC, one of which is "Mohab Mamish", are an invaluable addition to the potentials of the SCA's fleet of dredgers and a springboard for the achievement of national goals and work strategies to boost the efficiency of the Canal and maintain its competitive edge through regular maintenance of the waterway and on-going developmental projects. All that is geared towards the localization of state-of-the-art dredging technologies and the capitalization on the accumulated expertise of the SCA's Dredging Dept. in the field to execute various national projects; most importantly developing ports and clearing lakes.

His Excellency stated that work is well underway to deliver the two dredgers at the earliest time possible, pointing out that a number of committees with the best engineers onboard have been assigned to follow-up the building process.

For his part, Eng. Askar explained that the dredger "Mohab Mamish" is well suited for operations in the Canal and other national projects now and in the future as it provides a maximum dredging depth of 35 m. It is also equipped with high cutter power, as well as the latest control and safety systems in accordance with the standards of international supervisory authorities.

He added that the contract to build the two dredgers includes, for the first time, providing an advanced simulator to train the technical crews to work on the dredgers, as well as a Beaver® 45 dredger to be built in the Port Said Shipyard with plans to build others of the same type there. That is done in light of the efforts to transfer technologies. Ball and expansion joints are also contracted to be supplied for the 6 km long dredging discharge pipelines being built in the SCA affiliated companies.

The Dredger stands at an overall length of 147.4 m., a width of 23 m., a depth of 7.7 m. and a draft of 5.5 m. Its productivity is 3600 m3 of sand per hour over the length of 4 km.

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