The Highest Ever Registered Daily Tonnage in 150 Years

6 February 2019
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​​​Suez Canal Authority Chairman Announces the Transit of 75 Giant Ships registering 5.8 Million Tons Today, the Highest Ever Registered Daily Tonnage in 150 Years  ​

Admiral Mohab Mamish, Chairman and Managing Director of the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) and Chairman of the General Authority for Suez Canal Economic Zone, announced that navigation traffic witnessed, on Wednesday Feb. 6th, 2019, the transit of 75 vessels form both directions registering 5.8 million tons, thus registering the highest daily tonnage since the inauguration of the Canal in 1869. The north convoy had 40 vessels registering 2.7 million tons, whereas the south convoy contained 35 vessels registering 3.1 million tons.

Admiral Mamish stressed that the Suez Canal is maintaining its position as the most significant maritime route in the world, upon the development projects executed in the past years; most importantly the New Suez Canal project which received the support of both the Egyptian President, and the people of Egypt as one of the most important projects for the development of Egyptian economy.

Mamish, also, emphasized that the Suez Canal Authority is reaping the fruits of its marketing policies, stating:"The unprecedented records are promising outcomes for the New Suez Canal project, the flexible marketing policies and the incentives granted to transiting vessels. All this is to provide the best marine services and to reach the highest rate of clients' satisfaction ".

SCA Chairman praised the hard work of the SCA pilots and Transit Dept. personnel as well as all the SCA employees who spare no effort to achieve the highest records despite the tough weather conditions.

Traffic in the Canal witnessed the transit of 14 mega vessels of more than 150 thousand tons each.

The largest vessel in the north convoy was the giant container ship CSCL PACIFIC OCEAN, raising the flag of Hong Kong, registering 193 thousand tons, on her way to Malaysia from the UK. Whereas, the largest vessel from the south was the Panamanian container ship EVER GENIUS, one of the largest containerships in the world, registering 222 thousand tons on her way to the Netherlands coming from Sri Lanka. 

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