New Strategy to Boost Yacht Tourism

14 April 2022
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In light of the Suez Canal Authority's (SCA) efforts to boost yacht tourism in the Canal region, the SCA's Yacht Marina at Ismailia has received a number of tourist yachts of different nationalities this April. They praised the quality of the provided services that have been improved in line with the directives of President Abdelfattah El Sisi to promote yacht tourism.

The Yacht Marina at Ismailia is one of the yacht reception centers affiliated to the SCA. It has a unique location on Lake Timsah as has received a lot of attention within the framework of the development project that entailed enhancing the quality of the basic services provided; electricity, water, internet, etc., as well as providing first-line maintenance through the SCA's affiliated companies.

The SCA is also dedicated to a comprehensive strategy that is being put into action one phase at a time while highlighting a number of important points; first of which is digitalizing most processes by means of providing a digital platform to benefit from technology in speeding-up work. That is in addition to saving considerable time through online reservation services as well as calculating the Canal transit tolls and the Marina mooring fees, and learning about the available local touristic program. The development plan also aims to upgrade the already existing marina so that it can accommodate all the various classes of yachts.

This strategy further includes providing a full range of services that were not available before; like refueling from stations planned to be constructed in the upcoming period and assigning the tasks of the maritime agency to one of the SCA affiliated companies to improve the services provided to yacht owners.

It should also be noted that the SCA is giving considerable attention to promoting maritime tourism through offering incentives including up to 50% transit tolls reduction to yachts of 300 tons and over in tonnage as well as cruise ships provided that they stop at an Egyptian port. That is besides the three yacht reception centers in all three Canal cities where electricity and water are available free of charge and other paid services; like ordering provisions as well as maintenance and repair. Transit incentives granted to yachts also include free transit as per the rules of navigation for small crafts given that they transit more than once within a period not exceeding six months.

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