Traffic in the Suez Canal Runs Smooth Still Adm. Rabiee: “57 vessels transit through the Canal today recording a net tonnage of 3.4 million tons”

1 September 2022
Category Navigation News

Admiral Ossama Rabiee, Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, announced today that navigation through the Canal is running smoothly and the navigational statistics have recorded the transit of 57 vessels in both directions at a total net tonnage of 3.4 million tons. 32 South-bound vessels have a total net tonnage of 2 million tons, while 25 vessels are North-bound and are transiting through the new waterway of the Canal at a total net tonnage of 1.4 million tons.

H.E. wishes to send a message of reassurance to the world that the traffic in the Canal is now back to normal, stressing that the SCA has the necessary salvage expertise as well as navigational and technical safety capabilities to handle any potential emergency in an efficient and professional manner; referring to the Authority's successful handling of the sudden technical failure in one of the rudders of one of the Canal-transiting vessels, the oil tanker AFFINITY V, which ran aground at the k.m 141 mark (Canal marking). That rudder failure which led to loss of steering ability and its running aground.
The SCA Chairman stated that once the incident took place, a crisis management team was immediately put together and 5 tugboats have been mobilized; largest of which is the tugboat EZZAT ADEL of a bollard pull capacity of 160 tons, for the rapid situation handling and refloating the vessel. H.E. pointed out that the vessel resumed its transit through the Canal assisted by the SCA’s tugboats till it reached the Suez anchorage area.
The vessel stands at an LOA of 252.2 m, a beam of 45 m, and has cargo on board amounting to 64 thousand tons. It transited among the South-bound convoy heading to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, coming from Portugal.


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