The Suez Canal Authority joins its clients for the celebrations of the New Year

31 December 2022
Category SCA News

The Suez Canal Authority celebrated with its clients the festives of the new year by presenting commemorative presents of pharonic style to the masters of the transiting vessels.

This is within the frame of the keenness of the Suez Canal Authority on bolstering the ties with its clients as well as the touristic promotion and taking pride in the Egyptian identity as the Egyptian handmade presents represents the statue of wniged Isis, the Moon Diety, and the goddess of maternity, love, and beauty in the ancient Egyptian belief.

Today, the Canal witnessed the transit of 77 vessels in both directions with a net tonnage of 4.6 million tons. Shipping from the north, 43 vessels transited the Canal with cargo amounting to 2.9 million tons, on top of which is the mega container vessel Ever Govern. From the south, 34 vessel with cargo amounting to 1.7 million tons led by the container vessel MOL TREASURE

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