A New Testament of Confidence.. In Just 12 Days

19 April 2023
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The Suez Shipyard Co., one of the Suez Canal Authority affiliated companies, has successfully carried out a comprehensive repairs operation on a giant dry bulk carrier at the Suez Canal's outer anchorage area as per the latest international standards after the vessel had sustained severe damages to its stern due to a collision incident.


The repairs included the replacment of various parts of the vessel's hull and various components on board weighing a total of 23 tons in just 12 days thanks to the Company intensifying its efforts as work extended around the clock on all business days.

The repairs operation was certified by the Japanese classification society ClassNK which was assigned to assess the vessel's quality, safety and efficiency standards and that is regarded as a testament of confidence added to the Company's track record. That company that managed to etch its name among the leading companies in the field of ship repair. All this is perfectly in line with the SCA's aspirations to expand its range of ship repair services to vessels transiting through the waterway as a part of the high-quality services bundle available to vessels.

It is worthy mentioning that the Suez Shipyard Co. is one of the oldest shipyards in the world as it was founded almost a century and a half ago when the groundbreaking marking the commencement of work on its dry dock took place in 1866 to provide various services to steamers of the Egyptian fleet.

The Company today has considerable capabilities; most significantly one of the largest floating docks in the Middle East of a lift capacity reaching 55 thousand tons. That dock is 302 m. in length, has a beam of 55 m. and numerous large cranes. The Company also has a dry dock designated for repair works carried on medium-sized vessels.

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