Admiral Osama Rabie "permitting two personnel of the crew members of the Panamanian vessel to leave for urgent personal circumstances"

15 April 2021
Category SCA News

In response to the request of the owner company and as a humanitarian gesture 

Chairman and Managing Director of Suez Canal Authority, Osama Rabie, has announced that the investigation related to the aground Panamanian vessel is still ongoing alongside the negotiations with the owing company as well as the insurance company to reach a convenient agreement for all parties.

Rabie accented on the fact that the SCA exerts all the effort to guarantee the success of the negotiations and cooperates to fulfill all the needs of the crew of the impounded vessel at the Great Bitter Lakes zone until the completion of the investigations. With regards to the aforementioned, his excellency has pointed to the consent of the SCA to the request submitted by the owing company to permits two of the crew members to leave the vessel to their country due to urgent personal circumstances. His excellency also demonstrated that all the logistic needs are met regularly by the shipping agency assuring the SCA readiness to mutually cooperate and arrange to afford the essential needs of the crew, as well as understanding the related humanitarian aspects. 


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