• The maritime department was established after October victory in 1973 with the aim of clearing the Suez Canal waterway.
  • The departments of the maritime salvage in the three canal cities are equipped with state of the art support and rapid salvage equipment (fast intervention boats, marine boats, floating cranes, surface supply systems, submersible pumps, fouling equipment, welding machineries and pressure rooms).
  • Since its establishment till now, the department has been providing various services in addition to its main role in securing the navigation traffic in the Suez Canal:

      1. Salvage and wreck removal.
      2. Supplying fresh water pipelines and submarine cables under the watercourses.
      3. Participating in the construction, maintenance and repair works of sea berths.
      4. Supervising the operations of fouling removal underwater.
      5. Supervising the welding operations.
      6. Checking the vessels underwater.
      7. Under water Photographing.
      8. Checking the propellers underwater.
      9. Cleaning the propellers underwater.
      10. Checking the rudder under water.
      11. Cleaning the sea chest underwater.
      12. Capping and reopening of the sea chest underwater.
      13. Repairing the hull underwater
      14. Underwater welding
      15. Underwater cutting
      16. Dismantling and installing equipment underwater
      17. Measurement of the thickness under-water.
      18. IMCA certified divers.

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