- Port Tawfik shipyard carries out the necessary maintenance for the fleet of the Suez Canal Authority and foreign marine vessels as the shipyard owns a huge sector of the workshops to execute all the operations as follows:

  • Welding , assembling and erection workshop.
  • Metal machining workshop
  • Electric workshop
  • Engines workshop
  • Painting workshop
  • Mechanical installments workshop
  • Pipes workshop
  • Carpentry workshops
  • Compressed air stations
  • A GRP factory for the manufacturing of motorboats and various products made of Fiberglass.

- Port Tawfik shipyard owns repair quays with the length of 1250 m and a draft reaching 9 meters and equipped with service cranes of lifting capacity 60 tons used for the repair works of the marine vessels in water, as well as  floating cranes with lifting capacity 500 tons to dock and un dock small marine vessels.

- Port Tawfik shipyard owns Synchrolift of lifting capacity 2000 tons to maintain the marine vessels, the carne specifications are as follows:

  • 2000 tons lifting capacity
  • Duty entry at 1990
  • Length: 60 m
  • Net internal width 20 m

- Port Tawfik shipyard owns the quality assurance Dept. qualified and accredited by international super intendency bodies

- Specialized in the maintenance of different types of propellers (vertical, Z DRIVE, CPP, FPP, Voithe)

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