• Port-Said shipyard owns a number of mobile cranes to serve the operations within the shipyard and perform any external operations that can be assigned to the shipyard with a tonnage reaching 30 tons.
  • The engines workshops of Port-Said shipyard execute the following operations:

      1. Executing comprehensive overhauls and trials for diesel engines up to 1000 horsepower for the high speed engines and up to 500 horsepower for the medium speed engines.

       2. Loads trials for the diesel engines up to (120kW, 160 horsepower).

       3. Fuel injection plungers overhauls:

    • In line multi plunger
    • Single plunger
    • Axial piston distributor

       4. Fuel injection plungers' trials.

       5. Adjusting fuel injectors

       6. Maintenance of all mechanic fuel injection circuits related to the diesel machinery.

       7. Maintenance of hydraulic and mechanic governors.

       8. Maintenance of hydraulic gear boxes clutches up to 300 kW.

       9. Maintenance and testing of the various heat exchangers ranging from 1:300 bar

     10. The maintenance of the hydraulic circuits, brake and suspension systems of mobile cranes and forklifts.