Port Said Marine Shipyard possesses a Number of workshops that are specialized in the following:

1. Cutting metals using manual and semi-automatic flame cutting machine up to 150 mm thick for steel sections.

2. Plasma Cutting using (CNC Cutting Machine), manufactured by the German company ESAP, with the capacity of:

  • Cutting steel sheets with maximum dimensions of 12m × 2.5m.
  • Cutting steel sheets using plasma, up to 50 mm thickness.
  • Cutting steel sheets using Oxyacetylene up to 150 mm thickness·
  • The machine carries out the automatic marking on sheets.

3. Rolling machines to execute pipe forming with various capacities up to 45 mm thickness and internal diameters ranging from 75 cm to 3 m with 4 m maximum length of the pipe.

4. Horizontal and vertical hydraulic presses to carry out the all the forming works of the sheets and steel sections with capacities ranging from 200 tons to 700 tons.

5. Specialized workshops for the works of metal sheets (cutting machines, benders, -----).

6. Specialized welding workshops for steel and non-steel alloys.

7. A specialized workshop for pipe welding works using a linear and perimetric welding machine for the pipes on the inner and outer sides with diameters starting from 60cm and up to 2 meters with the length of 6 meters for the pipe and maximum thickness of 65 mm.

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