Port-Said Shipyard has a foundry that produces copper alloy and grey cast iron components as well as zinc blocks and specialty alloys; like babbitt bearing alloys, and it is equipped with the following:

    1.  Electrical induction furnaces for metals melting and casting (grey cast iron – copper – zinc) of various capacities as follows:

      • 2-ton copper melting furnaces; and-         
      • 2-ton cast iron melting furnaces;
      • 500-kg zinc melting furnaces.

        2. Spectrum analysis equipment for metals to ensure quality as well as the chemical structure of castings and material.

    Port-Said Shipyard also has a forging workshop that manufactures steel forged steel, and is equipped with furnaces and forging hammers of the following capacities:

    • Heating furnaces up to 1200° C.
    • Hammers of capacities ranging from 500 kg to 3 ton.