Fiber Glass Factory:

 1.  Forming Department

  • The department was built according to the requirements of International Maritime Inspection and Classification Authority (GL) and International Safety and Quality Bodies.
  • Equipped with a laboratory for running tests on the fiberglass product for quality control and achieving the best possible product such as (measuring the hardness of the product, measuring the curing time, some mechanical trials).
  • This department is air conditioned to control the temperature and humidity inside it. In addition, the forming yards enable the construction of launches up to 35 meters in length and the department is equipped with two cranes with a capacity of 10 tons for each.


 2.  Installations Department

It includes various mechanical workshops that are provided with the necessary capabilities (carpentry workshop, electricity workshop, and pipes workshop) for executing all the required installation works of the launches and manufacturing some of the parts (tanks, ventilators, machinery chassis).

The fiberglass factory possesses a number of molds for pilotage and service boats as follows:

The first mold: for manufacturing watercraft boats.

The second mold: for manufacturing Flying Pilot boats.

The third mold: Bollinger boat.

The fourth mold: mooring boat.

The fifth mold:  small boat, a picnic style.

The sixth moldambulance boat.   

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