-  Port-Said Shipyard has a quality section with engineers who are highly-qualified and well-trained in quality assurance as per the requirements of international classification societies, the section has also been equipped with the latest NDT equipment and welding detection.

 -  The quality services currently available at the Shipyard are as follows:

  • NDT for welding detection:

  1. Dye penetrant inspection
  2. Magnetic particle inspection
  3. Ultrasonic testing
  4. Radiographic testing (X-Ray)
  5. Phased array ultrasonic testing
  6. Visual inspection
  7. Metal thickness gauges

  • Measuring and analyzing mechanical vibrations of propulsion systems in marine vessels, and engines.
  • Adjusting the dynamic balance for rotating elements up to 4.5 tons in weight.
  • All harbor and sea trials works for marine vessels and towing test for tugboats up to 200 tons.
  • Measuring the air flow through ventilation lines.
  • Measuring the water flow inside pipelines.
  • Measuring the speed of rotating parts, temperatures and pulling devices (50-100-200) tons.

  • To request the electronic service of non-destructive test click here.
  • To request the electronic service of dynamic balancing click here.
  • To request the electronic service of hardness test click here