Docking SUKHNA 4 tug boat on the Synchrolift 2000 ton

17 December 2023



Vessel name: (SUKHNA 4) tug boat .

Company name: SUMED - Arab petroleum pipelines co.

Docking date: 17/12/2023.

Docking location: Synchrolift  2000 ton -Port Tawfiq shipyard.

(SUKHNA 4) tug boat main pariculars:
  • length:31m.
  • Breadth moulded: 10m.
  • Draft : 6m

  • Dead weight: 335ton.

Docking  (SUKHNA 4) tug boat  affiliated to SUMED - Arab petroleum pipelines co  on the Synchrolift  2000 ton  at Port Tawfiq shipyard  to execute repair works and special survey .

 To know more about Port Tawfiq shipyard and its capabilities and book for docking on our website,you can visit this page.


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