Page 75 - Rules of Navigation
P. 75

            Art., 26 - Deck Cargos:

               (1) Deck cargo (deck load) is to be stowed in a way so as to provide clear
                  view from the navigating bridge while transiting the Canal
               (2)  The  deck  cargo  (deck  load)  should  not  protrude  more  than  half  the
                  vessel’s  breadth  on any  side,  with  a  maximum  of  15  meters  on each
                  side if breadth exceeds 30 meters  (2),(3)  .
               (3)  If  the  protrusion  exceeds  the  maximum  allowed,  each  case  is  to  be
                  studied  separately  and  an  additional  due  of  2%  of  the  transit  dues  is
                  levied on each foot or fraction of foot in excess.

            Art., 27 - Ballast Water:
                  Vessels in ballast must fill spaces intended to be used for carrying
                  ballast water in such proportion as the Officials of SCA may direct.

            Art., 28 - Searchlights:
                  Before transiting the Canal, the vessel should be provided with a
                  searchlight (projector) complying with the following conditions and
               (1) It should be placed on the bow in the axis of the vessel and show the
                  Canal clearly.
               (2) Specifications are as follows:
                 a)  Minimum  range  of  radiation  of  single  beam  1800  m.  ahead
                     (Brightness of 1 LUX approx, at the atmospheric transmission factor
                     T = 0.85).
                 b) The power of the lamp must give a luminous intensity of single light
                     beam not less than 3 x 10  (3 million) candles, which is equivalent to
                     a high efficiency incandescent lamp of:
                      1 -  2000    watt for vessels up to 30000 SC.G.T.
                      2 -  3000 watt for vessels over  30000 SC.G.T.
                      3  -  Or  any  kind  of  lamps  which  that  fulfills  the  specifications,
                          under item (2) above and to be of the non explosive type.

               (1) See Art., 105 (15) P. 203.
               (2) Containers on container ships are not considered as deck cargo.
               (3) Specially built vessels and barges carrying drillers or bulky deck cargo to be
                 studied each separately. (see Appendix No. 1  p.92, para B)

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