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Abbreviations (cont.)

                     Suez Canal Regulations                                          SC.R.

                     Suez Canal Authority                                            SCA
                     Suez Canal Gross Tonnage                                        SC.G.T

                     Suez Canal Net Tonnage                                          SC.N.T
                     Suez Canal Regulations                                          SC.R.

                     Suez Canal Tonnage                                              SC.T.

                     Suez Canal Vessel Traffic Management System                     SC.V.T.M.S
                     Special Drawing Rights                                          S.D.R

                     Ship Earth Station                                              SES
                     International Convention for the safety of Life at Sea,
                     74/78 published by IMO                                          SOLAS
                     Ship To Ship ( Trans-shipment operation )                       S.T.S

                     Twenty Equivalent Unit container                                TEU
                     Ultra Large Crude Carrier                                       U.L.C.C

                     Very Large Crude Carrier                                        V.L.C.C

                     Variable System Parameter                                       VSP
                     Yellow Black Yellow                                             Y.B.Y
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