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Abbreviations (cont,)

              Suez Canal Gross Tonnage                               SC.G.T
              Suez Canal Net Tonnage                                 SC.N.T
              Suez Canal Regulations                                 SC.R.
              Suez Canal Tonnage                                     SC.T.
              Suez Canal Vessel Traffic Management System            SC.V.T.M.
              Special Drawing Rights                                 S  S.D.R
              Ship Earth Station                                     SES
              International Convention for the safety of Life at Sea,   SOLAS
              74/78 published by IMO
              Ship To Ship ( Trans-shipment operation )              S.T.S
              Twenty Equivalent Unit container                       TEU
              Ultra Large Crude Carrier                              U.L.C.C
              Very Large Crude Carrier                               V.L.C.C
              Variable System Parameter                              VSP
              Yellow Black Yellow                                    Y.B.Y
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