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              Atomic Energy Establishment, (Cairo, ARE.)             A.E.E.
              Arab Republic of Egypt                                 A.R.E
              Afterward                                              Aft.
              Beam Overall                                           B.O.A.
              Between Perpendicular                                  B.P.
              Canal Authority                                        CA
              Cane Fixed Green                                       Can F.Gr.
              Cane Flash Red                                         Can FL.R.
              Cone Fixed Green                                       Cone F.Gr.
              International Regulation for Preventing Collision at sea   COLREGS
              Digital Selective Calling Radio Telephony              DSC
              Dead weight Ton                                        D.W.T.
              Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency                  E.E.A.A.
              Egyptian Environmental Protection Act, No. 4,1994      E.E.P.A.
              Estimated time of arrival                              E.T.A.
              Fully Cellular Containerships                          F.C.C.
              Fixed Green                                            F.Gr
              Flash Green                                            FL.Gr
              Flash Red                                              FL.R.
              Flash White                                            FL.W.
              Fixed Red                                              F.R.
              Feet                                                   Ft.
              Forward                                                Fwd.
              Great Bitter Lake                                      G.B.L
              Gas Free                                               G.F.
              Gross Registered Tonnage                               G.R.T.
              Highest High Water Level                               H.H.W.L
              International Associations of Classification Societies    I.A.C.S.
              International Atomic Energy Agency                     I.A.E.A.
              International Code for construction and equipment  of   I.B.C
              ships carrying
              dangerous chemical in bulk
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