Page 3 - Rules of Navigation
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Abbreviations (cont,)

             International Code for the construction and equipment of ships   I.G.C
             carrying liquefied gases
             International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code,             I.M.D.G
             published by IMO                                         I.M.F
             International Monetary Fund.
             Inmarsat Mobile Number                                   I.M.N.
             International Maritime Organization                      IMO
             International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate       I.O.P.P
             International Code for Safety and Managements of ships   I.S.M
             operation and pollution prevention
             International Ship and Port facility Security Code       I.S.P.S
             Lighter-Aboard-Ship                                      LASH
             Latitude                                                 Lat.
             Long Flash                                               L.FL
             Liquefied Natural Gas                                    L.N.G.
             Longitude                                                Long.
             Length Overall                                           L.O.A.
             Liquefied Petroleum Gas                                  L.P.G.
             Tropical Timber Load Line                                L.T.
             Low Water                                                LW
             International convention for prevention of pollution from   MARPOL
             ships, 73/78
             published by IMO                                         MHWS
             Mean High Water Spring
             Mobile Earth Station                                     M.E.S.
             Non Gas Free                                             N.G.F.
             Net Registered Tonnage                                   N.R.T.
             Occulting Green                                          Occ. Gr.
             Occulting Red                                            Occ. Red.
             Quick Flash Yellow                                       Q.FL.Y.
             Quick Green                                              Q.Gr.
             Red and white                                            R.W
             Suez Canal                                               SC
             Suez Canal Authority                                     SCA
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