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B- Region between Km. 50 to Km. 130

               This region includes two branches between km. 50 and km. 122: in
                  addition to Timsah and Bitter Lake.
               The west branch is connected to both entrances of Timsah Lake and passes
                  through Bitter Lakes.
               The east branch passes through Bitter Lakes only.
                 ( 1 )   The Lakes along the Canal have an important role in dampening the
                  effects of sudden meteorological changes.
               )2(  The Bitter Lakes with a surface of about 250 km  reduce the tidal range
                  of range to a minimum between Km.100 and Km130.
                 ( 3 )   The mean tidal range in Bitter Lakes (at Kabret) may reach 0.30 meter.
                 ( 4 )   The phase of the vertical tide the in G.B.L. is about 3 hours later than
                  that of Port Tewfik
                   ( 5 )   The  vertical  tide in Timsah  Lake  is  almost  in  phase  with the tide  in
                  G.B.L sometimes there is a difference of ±2 hours.
               (6)  The average tidal range in Timsah Lake is about 0.35 meter

              C-The Southern Region of Suez Canal:
               This part is located between Port of Suez the Little Bitter Lake:
                 ( 1 )  Tide type of this region is semi-diurnal which means that there are two
                  high peaks and two low peaks every day.
                 ( 2 )  The height of tide in Port Tewfik co-oscillates with the tides of the red
                  Sea with extreme tidal range of about 2.25 meters at Spring tides. This
                  tidal range decreases gradually going North till the southern entrance of
                  the Little Bitter Lake at Gineifa where the extreme value becomes
                  about 0.7 meter. The extreme tidal range at Shallufa becomes 1.25. The
                  average tidal range is about 1.05, 0.70 and 0.30 meters at Port Tewfik,
                  Shallufa and Gineifa respectively
                 ( 3 )  The tidal volume of the Bitter Lakes is very large compared to the tidal
                  volume of the Southern region of SC. Consequently, the currents are
                  relatively strong almost uniform between Port Tewfik and Gineifa.
                 ( 4 )  In this region, the Northward current is called Flood and the Southward
                  current is called Ebb.
                 ( 5 )  Peak currents (Flood / Ebb) occur after (high / low) water level with
                  phase lag ranging between 30 and 90 minutes at the same location   .

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