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Canal & The Society

The Suez Canal ’s role is not confined to servicing the world trade. It goes beyond that to serve the Canal Zone community ...

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Affiliated Companies

Timsah Shipbuilding Co.

The company is a specialized firm in shipbuilding, ship repairs, steel structures, offshore & onshore contractors, operation and maintenance of all kinds of auxiliary ships, water desalination plant.

It having two shipyards, one at Ismailia and the other at Abu-Qir / Alexandria.

Contact Information:

Head Office & Yard: 1, El-Warsha St., Ismailia, Egypt
TEL: +2 064 3396541- 3921801- 3923828- 3917884
FAX: +2 064 3919353
P.O. BOX: 126
Web Site: www.timsahshipbuildingoffshore.com


Canal Harbor & Great Projects Co.

It is specialized in Marine Works ( construction and repair of floating equipment , turn key ports, breakwaters, water intakes, dredging works, towage and salvage works ), and in Civil Works ( earth works, deep foundations, water and fuel tanks, sewage treatment plants, desalination plant ) and in Quarrying ( dolomite stones up 30 ton, aggregates of different size ).

Contact Information:

Head Office: Canal Road – No. 6 – Ismailia – Egypt
TEL: +2 064 3394128 - 3324602 - 3362004
FAX: +2 064 3324609 - 3329019
P.O. BOX: 60


Canal Mooring & Lights Co.

It is one of the pioneer global companies specialized in the field of mooring and unmooring of vessels transiting Suez Canal and / or arriving to Egyptian ports.
It provides the transiting vessels with floating units and crew required for mooring Services and provides the vessels with light projectors accompanied by specialized electricians.
The company has many different activities such as: Gas detection, serving towed units and providing necessary crew upon request, carrying out necessary repairs for transiting vessels projectors and maintenance for small floating units either wooden, iron or G.R.P.

Contact Information:

Head Office: 1 Safiya Zaghlol – Port Said 42511 – Egypt
TEL: +2 066 3220220 - 3220221- 3220222
FAX: +2 066 3222097
P.O. BOX: 319
Web Site: www.cmlegypt.com
E-mail: canal_mooring@cmlegypt.com


Canal Naval Construction Co.

It is in the building, repairing floating unit , ship modifications, steal & floating construction, petroleum service, medium size engine repairing ( up to 500 HP ) and ship scraping.

Contact Information:

Head Office: Custom Gate 57 Port Fouad - Egypt
TEL: +2 066 400598 - 400471
FAX: +2 066 400601
P.O. BOX: 550 Port Said


Canal Rope Co.

It is since 1963 as the biggest producer in middle east for all kind of ropes and twines natural or synthetic and woven bags. It produces manila & sisal ropes, manila & sisal yarn and twines, synthetic ropes, polyproplene twine, PP woven bags and PP leno type bags. 

Contact Information:

Head Office: Custom Zone - Port Fouad - Egypt
TEL: +2 066 3220428- 3220427- 3352620- 3236631- 3236504


Suez Shipyard Co.

Suez Shipyard has been established since about 142 years ago for ships repair, shipbuilding, steel structure, pipe lines, tanks, marine services and repair dredging equipment.
The location of Suez shipyard in the south entrance of Suez Canal , this unique location gives the Suez shipyard grate importance in ship repair market.

Contact Information:

Head Office: 5 Shoadaa El Yemen St. Port Tawfik - Suez – Egypt
TEL: +2 062 3190620 – 3190750
FAX: +2 062 3197848
P.O. BOX: 550 Port Tawfik
Web Site: www.suez-shipyard.com.eg/  


The Port Said Engineering Works Co.

The company is a specialized firm in repairing ships which passing the Suez Canal and or navigate near Egypt. It builds a small motor vessels, tugs and all other marine vessels.
It's works field covers the fabrication and erection of steel structures, manufacture of offshore installations and heliport decks for platforms, layout of pipelines with different diameters, high pressure gas pipes for petroleum refineries and boilers construction.
It has many workshops in Port Said, Port Tawfik, Alexandria, 10 th. of Ramadan City and Aswan.

Contact Information:

Head Office: Messegerie Martime Building – Port Said - Egypt
TEL: +2 062 3222684


Canal Co. for Nile Shipyard

It is a specialized in shipbuilding, ship repairs of the Nile ships and the floating units.
It is the first company in the upper Egypt ( Armant – Aluxer )

Contact Information:

Head Office: Armant – Aluxer
TEL: +2 095 2680832 – 2680830 – 2681520
Ismalia Branch:
+2 064 3396566 – 396567 - 3914610


Canal History
13th century BCE

13th century BCE, A canal is constructed between the Nile Delta and the Red Sea. For the following centuries, the canal was only partially maintained...


1854, By a French initiative, the viceroy of Egypt, Said Pasha, decides for a project to build a canal from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea...


1858, La Compagnie Universelle du Canal Maritime de Suez is formed to construct the canal.

17 Nov 1869

17 Nov 1869, With great splendour, the canal is opened for navigation. Dimensions were 22 metre in bottom width, 58 metre in surface width, and a depth of 8 metres...

2 Mar 1888

2 Mar 1888, The Convention of Constantinople guaranteed right of passage of all ships through the Suez Canal during war and peace...

13 Jun 1956

13 Jun 1956, Suez Canal Zone restored to Egypt.
26 Jul 1956, Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal.

5 Jun 1975

5 Jun 1975, Suez Canal reopened...

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