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Canal & The Society

The Suez Canal ’s role is not confined to servicing the world trade. It goes beyond that to serve the Canal Zone community ...

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Traffic System

Ships transit the SC in three convoys daily: ( See: Navigation Rules )

N1 (Southbound Convoy 1): From Port Said at hr 0000

N2 (Southbound Convoy 2): From Port Said at hr 0700

S (Northbound Convoy) : From Suez at hr 0600

  • The convoy system allows ships to transit the Canal at fixed speed and with fixed separating distance between every two ships.
  • The transit speed limit is 11 - 16 km/hr for ships according to the type & net tonage of ship and direction & speed of tidal current.
  • The emergency stopping time between the ships in the convoys is about 10 min.
  • Vessel takes from 12 - 16 hours to transit the canal.
  • The interval between vessels in a convoy is about 10-16 minutes which is equivalent to 2-3 km distance.
  • There are 15 Pilotage Stations at the western bank of the Canal that along side with the traffic control office offer assistance for the passage of vessels.
  • Pilotage by SC pilots is compulsory for all transiting vessels. The SCA assigns four pilots for each transiting vessel; each one embarks and disembarks the vessel at a certain location as follows:
    • The first pilot boards the vessel at the northern waiting area and disembarks at the entrance of the Canal in Port-Said.
    • The second pilot boards the vessel in Port-Said and disembarks in Ismailia.
    • The Third pilot boards the vessel in Ismailia and disembarks in Suez.
    • The fourth pilot boards the vessel in Suez until it leaves the Canal into the open sea.

For more details, please visit: The Traffic Simulation (Flash Presentation) , which describes the traffic system in the canal with animation and more data.



Canal History
13th century BCE

13th century BCE, A canal is constructed between the Nile Delta and the Red Sea. For the following centuries, the canal was only partially maintained...


1854, By a French initiative, the viceroy of Egypt, Said Pasha, decides for a project to build a canal from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea...


1858, La Compagnie Universelle du Canal Maritime de Suez is formed to construct the canal.

17 Nov 1869

17 Nov 1869, With great splendour, the canal is opened for navigation. Dimensions were 22 metre in bottom width, 58 metre in surface width, and a depth of 8 metres...

2 Mar 1888

2 Mar 1888, The Convention of Constantinople guaranteed right of passage of all ships through the Suez Canal during war and peace...

13 Jun 1956

13 Jun 1956, Suez Canal Zone restored to Egypt.
26 Jul 1956, Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal.

5 Jun 1975

5 Jun 1975, Suez Canal reopened...

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Tourism Information

Places, directions, travel co. and more.

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