Admiral: Mohab Mamish Receives HRH Prince Henrik of Denmark

15 March 2017
Category SCA News


Admiral Mohab Mamish Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority received​ his Royal Highness Prince Henrik of Denmark and his accompanying delegation, who is currently paying a visit to Egypt, at the simulation and training center of the Suez Canal Authority in Ismailia. Vice Admiral Osama Rabea, vice chairman of the Suez Canal Authority along with key officials of the SCA were present during HRH visit to the SCA.

Admiral Mohab Mamish at the beginning of the visit expressed his sincere pleasure to welcome HRH the prince and his accompanying delegation to Egypt, assuring the strong and long standing Danish – Egyptian relations; the two countries have close and outstanding ties that are based on mutual cooperation. Admiral Mohab Mamish clarified that the Suez Canal is one of the main pillars of this cooperation between the two countries, as this canal is used by the Danish shipping lines, who are benefited from the privileges given by the Canal and in turn the Egyptian economy is benefited as well.

Admiral Mamish paid tribute to the experience of Denmark in the maritime transport field, and he stressed that the Suez Canal Zone is currently witnessing unprecedented development by implementing the Great Egyptian Dream, through which Egypt is taking giant steps towards the future by transferring the zone into a global and logistical center, this is made by two integrated projects: the New Suez Canal and the Suez Canal Development Project.

Admiral Mamish added that the New Suez Canal Project embodied the unity and the well of the Egyptian people despite the hardships that were shrouding Egypt at that time. He ensures that Egypt is capable to recover its economic and political leadership. The chairman added that the project is very important to raise the classification of the Canal and to face competitions arising from the continuous evolution in the maritime transport industry and the new trend of building very large ships, and said that the project is also a nucleus for the Suez Canal area development project.

His Royal Highness Prince Henrik of Denmark expressed his utmost pleasure for paying this visit, and his appreciation for the roles and the efforts made by SCA to bring the Canal capable with the frequent evolution in the maritime industry throughout the world. His Royal Highness the prince, his delegation and the attendees were given the opportunity to attend a pilot training session at the SCA maritime simulator.

At the end of the visit, Admiral Mohab Mamish presented the Suez Canal shield to HRH Prince Henrik of Denmark, and escorted him and his delegation to a sea tour down the Suez Canal.



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